Brain Exercise Really Works!

For ALL Ages!

Change Your Brain – Change Your Life!

Exercise for the Brain?   

A brain exercise program is extremely valuable for all age levels – beginning from the earliest years. Strengthening cognitive skills levels the playing field for success in school starting in preschool. Continuing a brain exercise program through the grade levels creates better learners who are able to pay attention, work quickly and accurately, remember important information, and demonstrate superb problem-solving skills.

Building these cognitive skills can be done in a fun and challenging way using a variety of games and activities that are readily available on Amazon. The exercise program can continue into the senior years because the brain can still change and grow and thrive even as adults age.

Research focused on neuroplasticity and its implications for executive function and cognition has exploded in recent years in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and education. There is mounting evidence that exercises designed to strengthen cognition correlate with physical changes in the brain.

Mental ability is not fixed, nor planted firmly in our brains from birth. Rather, it can be forming, changing, and developing all throughout our lives!

There are specific games and activities that will help with the four most important areas of cognitive development. Those are memory, processing speed, focus and attention, and logic and reasoning. All four of these cognitive areas, although separate, are intertwined. Issues with memory can be from the lack of focus and attention. So, by strengthening one skill you can increase the functioning of another.

Puzzles are food for the brain – no matter what age you are! Putting a jigsaw puzzle together calls upon many cognitive skills, providing a great brain work out. Matching shape, color, and design gives the occipital lobe a workout. Searching through the pieces strengthens visual scanning abilities. It improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and dexterity in young and old hands. The steps it takes to complete a jigsaw puzzle incorporate elements of sequencing, planning, logic, strategy, and problem-solving skills. Jigsaw puzzles exercise short term and visual memory and help to improve spatial reasoning.

Jigsaw puzzles are only one exercise in an arsenal of specific exercises selected to enhance cognitive skills. It is so very important to exercise the brain throughout life! And DIY Brain Fitness is an excellent way to exercise the brain through specific games and activities, social interactions, repetition, and competition!