Processing speed is the ability to perform simple or complex mental tasks rapidly and to be able to work quickly and accurately while disregarding distractions. Processing speed is so important – time is of the essence! With most all work- and school-related tasks, being able to listen/read effectively to get the information and then do … Read more


Logic and reasoning is the ability to reason, form concepts, and solve problems using unfamiliar information or novel procedures. Deductive reasoning extends this problem solving ability to draw conclusions and come up with solutions by analyzing the relationships between given conditions. Underdeveloped logic and reasoning skills lead to difficulty with word problems and multiple-choice questions. … Read more


Memory: The ability to store and recall information: Long-Term Memory: The ability to recall information that was stored in the past. Short-Term / Working Memory: The ability to hold a small amount of information in an available state for a short period of time. Background knowledge is essential for linking new information.  You have to … Read more


The ability to pay attention and focus on information can be enhanced by repeated and directed brain fitness exercises. There are three primary types of attention: Sustained Attention: the ability to remain focused, on task for an increasing length of time. Selective Attention: the ability to remain focused and on task while being distracted. Divided … Read more