DIY Cognitive Fitness


DIY Cognitive Fitness!



What Is It?

DIY Cognitive Fitness presents the organized and repeated process of using selected games and activities to practice, enhance, and develop these cognitive skills – memory, focus & attention, processing speed, and logic & reasoning.

Why Do It?

Cognitive training is similar to sports training. To be a great tennis player – you strengthen all the “parts” that will make that happen: eye-hand coordination, sprinting, rapid change of direction, arm and hand strength, stamina and endurance, and so on. You “break-it-down” and practice and improve those subskills to be a better tennis player.  The same with cognitive training – you work on specific exercises that strengthen each area – focus & attention, memory, processing speed, and logic & reasoning and that will make you a better and more efficient learner in any subject.

How Do You Do It?

In the DIY Cognitive Fitness program, you will find a list of games and activities for each of the four areas – all are available on Amazon.  Choose one from each category and work to improve your score/time.  Keep track of your score/time in the chart included in the book.

What Will Happen?

As you get accustomed to and good at one game/activity, move to a new one. In order for your practice to really make changes, you must play many times. According to an educational researcher who specializes in the science of learning it takes 20+ times to make a difference. As you are training different skills you will find that you will see improvement in other cognitive areas as well: organization and self-confidence to name two.

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