You CAN Change Your Brain! – Neuroplasticity


For many years scientists believed that, after childhood, the brain could not change. In recent decades, however, our understanding of the brain’s lifelong plasticity has undergone a radical shift. Today we know that the brain can physically change and improve at any age. Advocates of cognitive training say that, with intense mental exercise, it’s possible to intentionally stimulate changes that improve how the brain performs specific tasks, how it performs overall, and even how it performs on a permanent basis.

The impli­ca­tions of neu­ro­plas­tic­ity are enor­mous for everyone: we have

the abil­ity to keep our brains sharp, effec­tive and capa­ble

of learn­ing new skills our entire lives.

More paths also mean faster routes for information to travel. This is good news for everyone – but especially for children with learning issues – because scientists have used special brain imaging technology to prove that better learners use more direct routes from point A to B when processing information. But how does a child learn to use the shorter, faster route? With brain training!

Cognitive skills are the essential, but often overlooked fundamental tools of effective learning. They are the mental mechanisms that process incoming information. More specifically, cognitive skills enable children to successfully: focus, think, prioritize, plan, understand, visualize, remember, create useful associations, and solve problems.

Become a better learner with brain training!