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Exercise For The Brain!

Change your brain – change your life!



You CAN change your brain!

  • Regardless of your age – cognitive training can strengthen underlying

    skills for deeper, more efficient learning – in any topic!

  • Be a better student – at any grade level –with better focus, problem-solving skills, and more self-confidence.

  • Be a senior citizen who slows age-related cognitive decline by greatly improving memory, fine-tuning focus & attention, and by possessing information accurately and efficiently.

What specific areas can be improved?

  • Memory – short-term and long term – you can expand your ability to store and recall information and by possessing information accurately and efficiently.
  • Focus & Attention – you can strengthen your sustained attention (focus for increasing amounts of time), selective attention (stay focused while distractions are present), and divided attention (multitasking)
  • Processing Speed –you can develop your ability to perform simple and complex cognitive tasks, quickly and accurately
  • Logic & Reasoning – you can increase your reasoning power, become a problem solver and a deductive thinker. Crosswords and bridge are simply not enough!

Think of the brain like a muscle –
the more you use your brain, the better it works.  DIY Cognitive Fitness provides a complete circuit training
fitness program for your brain. Make your brain mentally fit
by exercising all the components
that result in a smart and confident
learner in ALL learning tasks.

Meet Dr. Liz Knowles

With 11 published books and one more in the works and extensive experience both as a teacher and an administrator in the field of education, Dr. Liz Knowles has been making an impact on the lives of countless children, teachers, and parents throughout her career. Here are just a few of her many accomplishments:


  • Pre-K – eighth grade teacher for 30+ years
  • Master’s in Reading and a doctorate in Curriculum Development and Systemic Change from Nova Southeastern University
  • Long career at Pine Crest School (Boca and Fort Lauderdale) as a teacher first and then as Director of Professional Development and Curriculum

  • Head of Studies and as a certified Diploma Program Coordinator at a local IB (International Baccalaureate) school

  • Adjunct professor in the Graduate Teacher Education Program at Florida Atlantic University

  • Recipient of the International Reading Association Middle School Special Interest Group Literacy Award

  • The Anti-Defamation League 2009 honoree at the Eighth Annual Palm Beach Educator Awards Luncheon

A special interest has always been current brain research and how it can be utilized most effectively with individuals of all ages and in the classroom. For two years, she was owner/director of a franchised brain training center in Boca Raton and now as Cognitive Advantage she provides individualized cognitive skill development training for all ages.

What is Cognitive Training?

What is Cognitive Training?

Fitness for your brain!

Fitness for your brain!

Dyslexia and Cognitive Training ..

Dyslexia and Cognitive Training ..

Training or tutoring?

Training or tutoring?

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