The Cognitive Advantage is BRAIN EXERCISE!

With 16 published books and extensive experience both as a teacher and an administrator in the field of education, Dr. Liz Knowles has been making an impact on the lives of countless children, teachers, and parents throughout her career.

Her Brain Exercise program focuses on these four very important cognitive skills:

  • Memory
  • Processing Speed
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Attention & Focus

Dr. Liz Knowles offers in-person Brain Exercise classes to individuals of all ages (5-95) and groups: clubhouses, community centers, assisted-living communities, churches, schools, etc. in the four-county area – Vero Beach, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Florida.

Anyone else interested in Brain Exercise can purchase DIY Brain Fitness – You Exercise Your Body What About Your Brain? and plan your own Brain Exercise program!

DIY Brain Fitness You Exercise Your Body What About Your Brain?

So, What Can Brain Exercise Do For You?

Regardless of your age it is important and necessary to exercise your brain just as you exercise your body. With brain exercise you can improve four basic cognitive skills: memory, processing speed, focus & attention, and logic & reasoning. Based on research on neuroplasticity and growth mindset, we know that regardless of where you start from – you can always improve your mental fitness with brain exercise.

DIY Brain Fitness presents the organized and repeated process of using selected games and activities to practice, enhance, and develop cognitive skills. Most games and activities are available on Amazon.

This program has worked for all ages and notable success has been achieved and documented. Brain fitness strengthens cognitive skills, improves self-confidence, and increases mental ability!

Exercise Your Brain includes:

  • Information on the brain
  • Focus on FOUR main cognitive skills
  • Descriptions of games and activities for exercising
  • A chart for keeping track of your progress
  • Diagrams and infographics

Picture Books for Middle and High School? Are You Kidding?

Poignant, sobering, and informative, picture books are short enough to illustrate a point and entertaining enough to drive a message home; they can be used at any academic level, most surprisingly, they are very effective in grades 5-12!

In Picture Books for Middle and High School? Are You Kidding?, Liz Knowles, EdD, uses her 45 years as a teacher, professor, and school administrator, with graduate degrees in reading and curriculum development, to review over 525 titles categorized by subject: science, history, language arts, math, the arts, and character.

Picture Books for Middle and High School? Are You Kidding? is a reference book perfect for teachers of students in grades 5–12, college professors who teach teachers, librarians (school, public, and university), parents and parents who homeschool, reading specialists, and child psychologists.

Poignant, sobering, & informative – picture books can be used:

  • To introduce a topic
  • For discussion starters
  • For creative writing ideas
  • To engage readers of all backgrounds
  • For discovering writers craft