Welcome to the Cognitive Advantage

With 12 published books based on extensive experience both as a teacher and an administrator in the field of education, Dr. Liz Knowles has been making an impact on the lives of countless children, teachers, and parents throughout her career.

In this website you will see how here Cognitive Advantage can help you get better:

  • Memory
  • Processing Speed
  • Logic & Reasoning Skills
  • Attention & Focus


Picture Books for Middle and High School? Are You Kidding?
So many wonderful picture books are suitable for use with 5th – 12th grade and even college students!

This book reviews over 525 titles categorized by subject: science, history, language arts, math, the arts, and character.

Poignant, sobering, & informative – picture books can be used:

  • To introduce a topic
  • For discussion starters
  • For creative writing ideas
  • To engage readers of all backgrounds
  • For discovering writers craft

A comprehensive list of many possible uses is included – they are short enough to become part of any lesson – picture books are just plain entertaining

A monthly update, with many reviewed, additional titles, will be available if you email  brainfitness78@gmail.com

What is Cognitive Training?

  • Improves the brain’s ability to process information in any subject

  • Enhances underlying cognitive skills required to learn effectively

  • Creates confidence in all learning tasks

  • Improves memory, problem solving, and focus and attention


What specific areas can be improved?

  • Memory – short-term and long term – you can expand your ability to store and recall information

  • Focus & Attention – you can strengthen your sustained attention (focus for increasing amounts of time), selective attention (stay focused while distractions are present), and divided attention (multitasking)

  • Processing Speed – you can develop your ability to perform simple and complex cognitive tasks, quickly and accurately

  • Logic & Reasoning – you can increase your reasoning power, become a problem solver and a deductive thinker – crosswords and bridge are simply not enough!

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